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Having a blog, to which I am dedicated, is new for me. I have trifled with them before – I had a teenage angst blog in early high school. I don’t believe I ever put my name on it and I have conveniently forgotten the title, my user name, and my password. I like to pretend that it never existed. In the summer of 2011, I had a joint blog with my cycling partner –Ivan Ivan, so we could chronicle our TransAmerican Bike Trip. We never finished it. I mean we sort of finished the trip (we ended 200 miles early due to an unfortunate bike crash), but we never finished the blog. We stopped somewhere in the middle of Colorado, coincidentally around the time I met the guy (who was also on a seperate bike trip) who I am now marrying, but that is another story. Let’s just say I was a little too distracted to blog from that then on.

The point is I have never had a blog like this–one that I am trying to write in regularly, be it daily or weekly. And this blog has a purpose; I plan to use it to write. Wait what? That’s right–Write. I have a BA in Writing, and the dream would be to be the next Harper Lee, but I can’t get there without practise. So here is my practise.

Why, as an avid and aspiring writer, have I never had a blog? Well, in the past (as recently as a couple weeks ago) I detested blogs. I hated the idea of a running memoir, Live journal sort of thing. The irony being that this is most likely what my blog is going to turn into. And I have been crippled by the fear of not “making” it as a writer. I want to be BIG! And I know it takes years, maybe even decades to even come close to being BIG! but the idea of never making it, meant I felt I could never start. That’s my brain for you.

But then while I was stalking my high school rival (who will remain nameless) on Facebook, I found her blog, which I instantly devoured, and for the most part I found that I liked it. Alright–I loved it. At first I was a little jealous. How dare she write, when writing is my thing?! But then I talked myself down from the non-rational ledge and got over it.

The point is that I fell in love with her blog and it inspired me. Thank you High School Rival. I mean there are a few things I would have changed. Hello Punctuation?? Punctuation is important (he eats, shoots, and leaves). And believe you me, I still struggle with punctuation and grammar myself (damn you comma splices), but it is beautiful. I mean who wouldn’t want to use the mdash–isn’t it the sexiest punctuation mark you’ve ever seen?

At least capitalize your I’s.


But despite the over abundance of dotted i’s so to speak, her blog is well executed, the pictures are lovely (Damn you Instagram!), and she varies her posts between a handful of different formats. So all-in-all the effect is artsy, personal, and engaging. I want to read more, I want her to write more, and somehow I want to subscribe to the blog without her knowing I have subscribed to the blog. Is that last part bad? Oh yeah, and she asks her audience questions, which I love. It brought me in, got me to engage, and I realized I want the same thing. I want people to respond to me in the same way–which is probably the reason I call her my high school rival. In many ways, she is what I would have liked to have been back then. I wouldn’t say she was the whole inspiration for this blog–I mean the theme is inspiration enough, but her blog was definitaly the kick in the pants I needed to get going. If she can do it, so can I!

So where does this all leave me? Blogging, which is new and a little bit scary.



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