Weekly Favorite Passage #2

This week I have discovered the amazing world of a smart phone. Up until this point, I had been living in the dark ages: using an old text/call only phone. Boy what was I missing! I’ll tell you. I was missing a phone with a WordPress app, where I can blog straight from my phone, no matter where I am.

How cool is that?

Very. But it also means I have zero excuses now. And it also means I have access to my kindle files even though my mother has been borrowing my kindle for the past several months. This means that I can also read Jane Eyre on my phone as well as Les Mis, in book form.

I have read Jane Eyre before, but I have to say it is my favorite romance. Who wouldn’t fall in love with a character who is neither ugly, nor beautiful? Who is virtuous, but not extraordinary? Jane is a plain Jane, and I love her for it.

Here is my favorite quote so far. Jane is speaking about her friend Helen, who is another girl at the boarding school.

Then her soul sat on her lips, and language flowed, from what source I cannot tell.

Jane may be plain, but the writing certainly isn’t. When I read this I imagine a little wisp of cloud, in the shape of a little girl, perched on the lip of Helen, spinning tales of eloquence.

Isn’t it lovely?


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