Book Diet!

I sat down and did the math: If I am reading an average of two books a month, that means I will only read 24 books a year. I am 23, so to be on the safe-let’s-not-tempt-fate-side of things, let’s say I have another 60 good reading years. That means I will only get to read another 1440 books in my life.

For some out there this number may seem huge, but to me it’s paltry. There are so many amazing books out there–lands to be discovered, times explored, and ideas to fall in love with, and I only get to experiance 1440 of them. I want more! Back when I was commuting to work by bus I was reading an average of 10 books a month. If I had been able to keep up that pace, I would have been able to read over 14,000 books in my last 60 yeas. Now that is a number I can live with, but reading 10 books a month is less feasible when you have to do other things in life…like sleep, or exist.

The solution? To do more with less, which has led me to the idea of a book diet. From now on, gone are the days of Twilight. I shall not read pop culture trash. Or I shall try very hard not to read pop culture trash. Twilight was captivating, but those are hours I could have spent reading The Count of Monte Cristo or 1984.

I mean if you were to compare this situation: the choice between reading books like Twilight or reading books like 1984, you could say it is the choice between shooting up herione or eating an apple. One is good for you (apple a day keeps the doctor away), and the other is BAD for you. I mean herione might feel good, but the lasting effects aren’t all that great. Not that I would know from experiance.

But the choice, for me, is a no brainer. Give me the apple. Give me George Orwell! Or give me death. Well not death, but you get the picture. I don’t want to read mear sensationalism. I want to read substance. I want to read works that are smarter than I am, greater than I am–that ask me to be better.

So I am dieting, and yes I will miss the chocolate of books, the E! of books, but I refuse to waste another 1440 of my precious books on something as low-brow as Twilight.

Go ahead call me a snob. I have heard it before.

Now all I have to do is reform my TV habits (but I have to get my sensationalism from somewhere right?).


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