Old or New?

I had been toying with the idea of typing up some old college essays that I had written and posting them, but then I read them over and realized that I did not understand commas AT ALL in college. I mean, I like to think I understand them better now, I know I understand them a lot better then I did, but when will I stop looking back at my work, saying, “Dear lord! I did not know what I was doing.”

So I have abandoned the idea of posting old work–unless I completely overhaul it. Time to move forward I guess. I read about six essays I had written my senior year in college and I noticed a couple of trends:

1. I absolutely hate almost all of my intros. The first 2-3 paragraphs of every paper are crap. Period.

2. Conversely, in each paper there are about 2-3 paragraphs that are rock solid, awesome. Maybe I will just pull out the good paragraphs from each paper, paste them together, and call it a post. Title: Patchwork? I think that is a great idea.

3. My writing takes a huge leap forward as soon as I leave college. Go figure. After I read the papers from college I went back and read the blog my friend Ivan and I did about out our bike trip. The writing is a lot more solid, more compact, concise, and interesting. Granted I feel that my writing on the bike trip was on steroids. I was basically high the whole time–I had more adrenaline and endorphins in my system than ever before and I had more subject matter than I knew what to do with.  

4. I was obsessed with religion. Most of my college papers carried the theme of self-discovery. I was SO angsty and self-righteous. Dear lord, (but sometimes I am afraid that not much has changed).

What I also realized after narcissistic-ally pouring over all of my work, is that my body of work is, in-and-of-itself, small. I have 5 papers and a handful of blog posts that I like. And that is it. Nothing else. 

I would ask: how am I ever going to get a book written? But I would hate to come across as a broken record or overly self-involved.

(how am I EVER going to get a book written??) 


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