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Ten Things You Need to Know

1. When camping I can pick up a spider and remove it from my tent. But if I am at home and see a spider I scream like a little girl. Though I am a girl, so that’s a good thing.

2. I like to swim in inappropriate places. Most of these places involve ice, snow, or a lack of clothing.

3. I lived in Italy for a year for school. Turns out I learned a lot more about how live a relatively normal life while consuming an inordinate amount of wine than anything else. I may have picked up some Italian. Solo un pochino.

4. I like to torture my brother by going onto his facebook and commenting on all of his photos. I mean ALL of his photos. I often carry out a conversation with myself from comment to comment. He has blocked me a couple of times.

5. I biked across America with a bestie from high school. Before you think that it is impressive (which damn straight it is impressive) we did it out of insanity more than anything else. Turns out crazy things are easier to accomplish if you are slightly more than slightly insane.

6. I was a pre-med major for the first three semesters of college. I stuck with it that long because it made me miserable. I felt better about hating my subjects: somehow that helped me atone for guilt I felt over the fact that I was getting a private university education while others were starving.

7. But one can only take so much self-flagellation, so I studied writing instead.

8. I love grammar, but I do not understand tenses at all. If you look back at my work, I often forget if I am in the future or the past. Often within the same sentance.

9. I am so bad at talking on the phone that my fiance, when we were first dating, was wondering if we really had the chemistry he thought we had in person.

10. I adore fragment sentances and mdashes. They are both sexy if used appropriately.


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