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Writing Habits

As of yet I do not have any writing habits. How long does it take to make something a habit? I don’t know (or I don’t remember), but it is certainly longer than a week. This little post is more informative than anything else, letting my dear readers know that I plan on posting everyday.

That’s right. EVERYDAY.

But I know I will not be able to write everyday. Example: How I neglected to do anything productive writing-wise from 10/19/2012-10/22/2012. I am going to try to not go that long without posting anything. I know that inspiration comes in waves.  Some days I have three or four good post ideas and some days, like yesterday and today, I have none. So to keep from posting overly mundane things like “how often I plan to post” and “my feelings about british accents” I plan to write as much as I can when I am inspired.

This means writing about 2 posts Monday-Friday, and hoarding some of them for a rainy day–or weekends, or if you are in the Northwest like I am, than everyday (because everyday is a rainy day). This practise is going into effect now. Well after this post.

So that is the plan. You should be able to see a little something from me everyday. If not, presume that I am deceased, because I am DEDICATED to this blog.



2 thoughts on “Writing Habits

    • Thanks! I can’t really take credit for it. My better-half kept bugging me about actually working towards a goal, like writing. This is a manifestation of that. I am glad you like it.

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