Blogging Might Make Me Funnier

It’s true; it might. Or we can take into consideration the fact that I just spent the night with a very good friend of mine, Sam, who seemed to laugh at a good majority of what I had to say.

Maybe she just thinks I am funny–no more or less than usual. But with this whole blogging thing, I am spending a lot more time thinking about what I am doing, what I am saying, and how I am feeling. Just for the simple reason that I am looking for things to write about. I tend to be more engaged in the present when I am thinking about what to write next. I am looking for fodder, subject material.

It is a nice thought that this heightened empathy towards the world that I find myself in, would make me more humorous. It is better than the alternative. It would be sad if I was more engaged, and subsequently a more depressing person because of it.

Anyway, just a little food for thought. Chew on it.


12 thoughts on “Blogging Might Make Me Funnier

  1. Having been a writer of comedy for some time now, I would agree that blogging can make you funnier. I like to think of comedy along the same vein as a musical instrument. Practice helps.

    Good luck on your humor blogging journey!!

      • No worries. Blogging is great. One thing that worries me is when I refer others to my blog, that the most recent piece wont be one of my strongest., and then I lose them as a potential reader forever.

        I think the key is just to have fun with it. Network with other people and read their work. There are some hilarious bits out there, sadly there are some painfully unfunny things filed under “humor”

        Ah well, whatever makes people happy right?

      • I have had that fear too. I have noticed that if I take a break from blogging (even just four days) and come back to it, my next couple posts are weaker. But I have decided that I need to post them anyway, just to get the ball rolling again. I hate the idea of someone new checking out my work on that particular “weak” day and never coming back.

        Hence the reason I have never labled mine as humor – “as in this post is truly humorous”. At no point am I going to try and make an effort to be funny–it is just way to much pressure. I do not know how you comedians do it day in and day out. Serious kudos.

      • Well, I have never called myself a “comedian”, as I don’t earn a living at it. I’m just starting to submit things for rejection letters…erm I mean publication. I do tell people I write comedy, but I think you’re right ( if I am understanding you) it’s really for others to tell is if we are funny or not.

        I have written pieces I thought were so strong and got little to no response, and I have written things I thought were half assed and “meh” that people really enjoyed and were really complimentary. It’s like a high when people like your writing or your comedy and you can make them laugh.

        As for stronger or weaker pieces, I guess it’s the nature of the beast, timing etc. I still think the more we write the better we get, and the law of averages would be on the side of a busy writer.

        I get scared of “missing my big break”, which is silly. The people who buy, hire or pay for comedy aren’t scouring blogs ( at least I don’t think they are) Being a pessimist I am convinced that if I ever got a shot to impress one of these people, they would read one of my weakest pieces and dismiss me as a hack. LOL

        I’d love if you’d give a look at some of my stuff. But please, bop around randomly and hopefully you’ll find something that makes you smile or laugh.

  2. Great conversation about self-awareness and humor. I think for me, it’s a pressure valve. I have always noticed these idiosyncrasies in life, but never thought of doing much with them. I stumbled upon the blog. Ironic, some of my best pieces lie dormant because they are either related to work or identifiable people, but I keep them for the time when I am able to do something with them. Like, when I’m famous enough to have one name like Cher, which will never happen because I never crusaded for fame anyway.

    I find that the simplest things in life are the most amusing. I’ve tried to be deep and bombed. When I just write about the smallest thing, it makes me smile. And I hope, maybe, it works for others. I’ve worked through editing, and now I always take a notebook w me wherever I go. I have a little bag-sized one, and my old faithful marble composition book. Makes a world of difference–now, I don’t forget the glimmer of an idea sparked somewhere strange. I “pull over” and write it down.

    It’s fun, you’re right:) Thanks for your blog.

  3. I have used a marble composition book for years. My freshman or sophomore year in high school our English teacher had us buy one and decorate it. We sat in class and cut out all sorts of pictured and words from magazines, taped them on the outside, and then covered all of that with clear packaging tape. I have done the same thing ever sense.

    I censor myself too. Usually I am afraid of offending someone, hurting their sensibilities, or losing their affection over something trivial. I am working on caring less–or at least realizing that sometimes it is important to just post things anyway. Isn’t that what we are here for? To challenge each other?

    Thank you for appreciating my blog 🙂 I appreciate it!

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