10 Side Effects of Blogging

With yesterday’s little tidbit about blogging making me a more humorous individual, it got me thinking. What are the other side effects of blogging that were heretofore unknown to me. (I LOVE the word heretofore). So I have decided to make a list, and share it with you fine readers. (Have I mentioned how much I love lists? No? That’s strange, because I ADORE them.)

  1. Blogging has made me obsessed with statistics. Let me state that I am no more a fan of math than I have ever been. (I flunked trigonometry, but was a rock star in calculus). But I love the stats page that tells me how many people have read my blog.
  2. I now have more drastic mood swings. Example: 50 PEOPLE READ MY BLOG TODAY!!!!! *does happy dance*. *Suddenly stops happy dance mid thought* Wait, if over 50 people read my blog today, and only 2 subscribed to my blog that can only mean one thing: I SUCK, NO ONE EVER WANTS TO COME BACK. *sobs uncontrollably*
  3. Related to number 2, but slightly different: I have never had more serious bouts of self-doubt. Note the sobbing uncontrollably. But it comes and goes. I get over it each time. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger….sniff.
  4. My productivity at work has gone down. I can’t say more without incriminating myself. In fact I am sure I have already said too much.
  5. Blogging feeds my list making fetish. Subsequently I have now started a list of all of the books I feel I need to read (currently the list is in the 1700’s and I am not finished). I have also started a list of possible blog titles, a list of all of the blogs I need to write still, a list of separate bike-trip posts I need to make, etc. The list goes on. Really it does.
  6. Not all of the side effects are bad: I have come to the realization that I could easily spend 8 hours a day writing. Or thinking about writing. Or making lists about writing.
  7. Blogging has given me the push I need to finally admit that I want to go back to school for writing, which then made me have a panic attack over the idea of going back to school. You have to take the good with the bad right?
  8. I have gotten a little more comfortable with the idea of people actually reading my work. I feel that it is a safe assumption that my comfort level will only go up the more I blog.
  9. I now have a better outlet for all of my snarkiness. I can only hope that this will reduce the level of snarkiness I exhibit towards loved ones. Stop scoffing.
  10. I am obviously writing more, and that can only be a good thing. Unless my work productivity gets so low that I lose my job. That would be bad.

4 thoughts on “10 Side Effects of Blogging

  1. kashimcgilloway says:

    I *love* lists, although I’m certainly bad about following them diligently. I often create the list and then forget I created it until revisiting it weeks later…. But they’re fun to make and organize your mind. All this talk of self-reflection and how blogging provides a framework, a perspective from which to review your decisions, it’s inspiring to me. I don’t want my thoughts put forward into public life but I think everyone should do more regular journalling as a part of daily life to provide that same introspection.

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