And Now for a TV Diet

I have decided to go on a TV diet. I figured since I was already on a book diet, I might as well go on a TV diet too. Because as my significant other can attest to, I have horrible TV viewing habits. Shows I watch on the tube regularly: Keeping up with the Kardashians, Married to Jonas, My Shopping Addiction, Intervention, Hoarders. Sometimes I through in a little Mentalist and Law and Order SVU.

See a pattern? I watch trash–ALL TRASH. And it does nothing for me. Well actually I get a lot out of it, obviously, because I watch it all the time. BUT I don’t get anything out of it that I should. So I have made a couple of rules for myself:

  1. If I watch TV it needs to be of the quality of the West Wing or the Newsroom. The New Girl is ok, but only in small doses. Because I am addicted to shows like Grey’s anatomy, they are off the schedule. I do not want to be emotionally invested in TV, and it is too easy to care about whether or not Derick and Meredith make it.
  2. All shows of the caliber of Keeping up with Kardashians are out. This means certain channels are off-limits (unless they are playing good movies) like TLC, E!, Lifetime, etc.
  3. Channels like Discovery Channel and National Geographic are okay. Under no circumstances am I giving up Shark Week.
  4. I can watch movies*.

This is the first night of the diet and already I am craving bad TV. I think I actually going through withdrawals. I learned from Rehab (another awful TV show) that alcohol withdrawal is the only type of withdrawal that can kill you. Let’s hope.

* I know a lot of movies can be just as bad as bad TV, but boy can I justify this one. You ready? I can watch any movie that I want,  because when I watch movies (unlike when I watch TV), I usually do so while doing something else. Right now I am currently watching My Big Fat Greek Wedding while I am writing. Also I am not subjecting myself to mind numbing commercials, which aren’t they carcinogenic? So therefore I am not rotting my brain like I would be if I were watching skinny girls in skimpy cloths drink vodka and little kids play with learning video games. Not at the same time of course.

But what happens when the movie is over at 7:30 and I am not tired. TV is out of the question, so what am I supposed to do? Read a book? Write a blog? Do something good for me?

That’s the idea!

Do I sound boring now?? Probably. I am mourning for the drama.


2 thoughts on “And Now for a TV Diet

    • You may suggest it! But I am a little unsure about watching it. I am SUPER girly. Did you ever see George of the Jungle with Brenden Fraser? The seen where the lion jumps out of the jungle? Everyone saw it coming?
      Yeah, I screamed. In the theater. People LAUGHED at me.

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