Sweet Communication

The love of my life is something of an enigma, and I adore him for it. I thought that this conversation was rather disgustingly adorable, therefore I felt the need to share it. (I never (and I mean never) miss the opportunity to gross my bro out). So here you go bro. This one is dedicated to you. For the rest of you the conversation is between me and my fiance, or Fusband as I will now call him (future=fusband). We stole the name from some good friends of our who invented the terms. What is the term for wife you may ask? That’s right: Fife.

Anyway, on with the show:

Fusband: Sounds good.

Me: That’s all I get? Two Words? Geez. (I had just spent about 20 minutes writing him an email about the truly fascinating subjects of my brakes appointment time with Les Schwab and how to go about combining our bank accounts).

Fusband: You get my loyalty. You get my love. You get my heart. You get my mind. But just cause you’re a writer doesn’t mean you get to count words. I love u.

Did you see that everyone?! He called me a writer! Isn’t that sweet?? Oh yeah, and I am going to have so much fun with the mind control thing.

Anyway, hope you enjoyed. Feel free to puke if you must.


2 thoughts on “Sweet Communication

  1. Gita Matlock says:

    bbbaaarrrffffffff!!! couldn’t help myself. As your Fusband’s little sister, I get to join your Bro in the camp of fully grossed out, but undeniably happy for you two love-birds. xo

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