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Closet Colors

Have you ever noticed that your closet knows more about you than you do? I have had this epiphany a couple of times. The first was in high school. I believe I was cleaning out my closet, getting ready to donate some stuff to Goodwill, before the start of the school year and back-to-school shopping. I realized that almost every shirt in my closet, at least of the ones that I wore on a regular basis, were green.

This taught me that me favorite color was green. Then my senior year I had a similar revelation when everything in my closet was blue.

In my defense I would just like to say that in high school I used to go thrift store shopping with my best friend for fun. For the most part, that is why my closet was able to change colors: from green to blue. Until recently, I have not had a shopping addiction. Until I was introduced to The woman who introduced me, the culprit so to speak, shall remain nameless. Janina. But now I am totally hooked. I have looked at every item for sale on their website and am keeping a running list of all the things I want to buy. Good thing my salary is set at the poverty line of the county I work in. Yay poverty.

What does my closet look like now? Floral. As I am typing this post, I am wearing a pink floral shirt. At no time in the past eight years has ANYone heard me say I like pink or floral. Ever.

So I was a little shocked when I went on a trip with my better half to San Francisco and when I got there I realized that  the majority of the cloths I had packed were of floral print. The first day I wore a floral dress, with a floral scarf, and a floral jacket (a picture of this is on my about page).

It was a lot of floral, naturally leading me to the conclusion that I like floral. It took me way to long to realize this. Clearly it gets a little out of hand when you have dressed yourself in head-to-toe floral print, making yourself look like an overgrown flower bed, without realizing you even like the stuff.

Talk about the power of the subconscious.


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