I apologize and a new Theme

Hey Readers,

Throughout today I believe I have made three posts, including this one, which is unfortunate for those of you who have subscribed by email. I am sorry for all of the email updates.

I am getting ready for National Novel Writing Month, where I will write 50,000 words in 30 days in the hopes of getting somewhat decent work out of myself. Here’s hoping, but I didn’t want my blog to be abandoned for the next month. I just started this thing three weeks ago and it seems a shame to quit so early.

So after work today, I went home and wrote for about two hours–all posts. I didn’t get as many as I wanted done. I have scheduled posts through only through 11/8/12. Hopefully after this I will be able to crack out a couple more.

I didn’t get as many as I wanted done because I started to get frustrated with my WordPress theme. I choose it originally for its simplicity, but turns out that simplicity is a little limiting. I wanted something that showed more information and was a little more accessible. So I spent the past hour and a half going through all the available, free themes and choosing one that I think works.

Hopefully I like it longer than three weeks, because I would like to stick to a theme for a long time.

I am sorry for all the emails, and if there is any new confusion with the new theme. Please let me know if there is. Hopefully you all had a great Halloween. I did, I wrote 🙂




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