The Spectacle That is Me

If you watch me at the gym, and I am sure there are people who do, you will be thoroughly entertained. It is like watching a train wreck on a treadmill, because that is my new thing–the treadmill. I have started running again. I wonder how many times I am going to say that sentence? Probably too many times, but that’s not the point.

The point is that I have slipped on my TV Diet (which I will let everyone know how I am doing later) and I have allowed myself to watch Grey’s Anatomy, but only at the gym. Here is a fun little list of my various reactions the show. Keep in mind that I am RUNNING while I react (trust me–it makes it funnier).

  1. Crying. Yesterday after Meredith had made a phone call to her estranged friend Christina explaining why she was mad at her and her decisions, Christina called back at said, “Mer you are my person. You will always be my person.” I had to hold back tears. Do you know how hard it is to cry while running? Movies make it look so easy. Some teenage girl, with long flowing hair will run and run and cry and cry, tossing her hair and sobbing. It is not that easy, and it is even less easy when you try to rein it in.
  2. Gasping. This show has regular twists and turns. I gasp frequently, which I suppose someone could just take as breathlessness considering I am running.
  3. Looking away abruptly. I have gotten more and more squeamish, and though I do think Grey’s is pretty clean they still show some blood and gore sometimes–for the shock value, but it is always unexpected. Like yesterday there was a severed foot, which I did NOT see coming. (I am pretty sure neither did the 16-year-old girl who belonged to the foot.) Anyway, this resulted in my hands covering my face abruptly. Now remember, picture all of that on a treadmill…running…without sight…now remember how clumsy I am.
  4. Squeaking. Squeaking is my way of suppressing something like a scream or very loud gasp. For instance when I saw the severed foot, I squeaked. I think I squeak a good two or three times per episode.
  5. Anger. I have been with this show a long time, and there are things I get angry about. I will not list them, because I do not want to come off as too pathetic. But suffice it to say I do have feelings regarding the show, and I exhibit them. Now, to also preserve my dignity I will not go into detail as to how I show that anger. I will leave it to you to imagine. Be kind.

Like I said it’s a show. I could take it on the road–literally.


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