Dieting Update

I figure it is about time to give you all an update to how it is going with both my Reading Diet and TV Diet. The Reading Diet is a bit more successful, but I have not had a lot of time to read. I get half an hour in everyday during my lunch break, but other than that I only read here and there, and it is not enough. But I can say I am NOT reading trash, currently on the docket:

Jane Eyre

Les Miserable

Sex: A Natural History


Eugenics and Other Evils

Yes, I am reading five books at one time. Granted I am reading Dracula with the Fusband. We read it when we are together, and we just started that, so I can’t even really say that. Anyway, I usually read a couple of books at a time. I think it is a left over habit from college, where I was reading several different things for different classes.

The TV Diet? Not so good. I have cheated and revised the diet, which are never good signs. But I can say that it has become easier to turn the TV off. I watch far less of it, and I am a lot more selective about what I watch. I did break down and watch a couple of minutes of Keeping up with the Kardashians, but other than that I have stayed away from all reality TV. I have started to listen to music while I do things around my room, rather than have the TV on. I have even been contemplating unplugging the TV in my room.

The one big amendment is that I am going to keep watching Grey’s Anatomy. I do like the show, and though I think I am a little to attached to it, I do not believe the reason I am attached to it is bad. Once, my best friend (Ari) and I watched the whole first three seasons in a row. It was something like 20 hours of TV in a row. We pulled an all nighter, and about half way through we were so sick of it, but we couldn’t stop. We had to finish, and we did.

Watching Grey’s Anatomy, reminds me of hanging out with her. Of snuggling up on the couch, intertwined, and holding hands. She lives in Wyoming now, while I bounce between Washington and Oregon. I get to see her maybe once a year, and it is definitely not enough. So since it is winter, and I won’t get to see the sun for a while. My slight winter depression has begun to set in, and I need something comforting.

So I am watching Grey’s Anatomy, while I run on the treadmill at the gym. That can’t be bad too bad.

So how are things going with the diets? Good.

I need to work on finding the time to read and finish weaning myself off of bad TV. Once these two things are accomplished I can start working on limiting my chocolate intake. Though that might be a harder goal to achieve during winter.



5 thoughts on “Dieting Update

  1. Arianna says:

    1. I can’t believe you just called me Ari.
    2. Awwwwww.
    3. See you in a week for our once-a-year reunion! Although this year we got to do it two or three times.
    4. I pretty much haven’t watched Grey’s Anatomy since that marathon. It made me sick.

    • Well in my defense I didn’t know if you would want your full name in my blog, which now that I think about seems a little silly.

      See how I use you to justify bad habits I have? Like watching too much tv? It’s because I love you.

      I can’t wait to see you too. I will just have to keep having big events to lure you back in town. How many times can you marry the same person before it becomes extravagant?

  2. Thad says:

    If you can, look for a copy of The Annotated Dracula, as edited by Leslie S. Klinger. In addition to providing a massive amount of useful cultural background, his notes also provide another frame to the story itself — because his assumption is that Bram Stoker edited the original material under Dracula’s orders, specifically to hide what really happened. Thus, the various flaws and inconsistencies within the novel become revealed as the natural result of Dracula’s efforts to disguise what might otherwise have been a very damaging account. I found a copy at Half Price Books, but they do sell them on amazon if you’re interested (

    For a more modern take on the vampire mythos, I strongly recommend the role-playing system created by the folks at White Wolf publishing. Even if you’re not into improvisational story-telling yourself, their unfolding and updating of the vampire legends is superbly thought out. The most economical way to explore that is by purchasable pdf (

    Just trying to help…

      • Thad says:

        Remind me, and I’ll show you both when you’re here over the winter. Actually, it occurs to me that I can loan you the Dracula book at that point (if it fits in your luggage; it’s a massive book). Speaking of, winter is rapidly closing in. I get to see you soon! Very happy about that.

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