Exercising for Ego

Let’s all be honest. Doctor’s tell us that we should exercise to be healthy. To have a healthy heart, healthy weight, etc. While all of this is true, and I respect all of it, it is not what gets me on that treadmill.

I get on a treadmill, flirt with hot yoga, lift weights, and pretend to swim laps all because I want to look gooooood. I mean gooood. Being healthy?


When I went on the bike trip, sure the adventure sounded great. But the real thing that got me on the bike? Losing all that weight I had gained when I lived in Italy. (Dear lord, I miss that gelato)

I am that shallow. My ego is a constant companion, but at least I realize it right? First step towards a cure, like an ego lobotomy?


2 thoughts on “Exercising for Ego

  1. Whatever drives you to get your muscles flexing is a good thing, IMHO. If it’s beauty, then let beauty drive you. I made the pact with myself years ago that I wanted to be healthy and fit, and bet that ‘hot’ was a nice bonus. Since then I’ve discovered a host of reasons to continue to push myself, like pumping myself full of endorphins to fight depression, keeping my desk job from ruining my posture. But the truth is that all of these things are what drive me, pretty equally. And I like it. I’ll take it. Get myself out there, working out, sweating, laughing and loving it. Whatever it takes…

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