Reasons to Read

I think one of my biggest worries of blogging (besides sucking of course), is that I will have an off day, a new reader will stop buy and I will lose them forever all because of one bad post.

This got me thinking. Why should anyone read my blog in the first place? I know why I write it, but reasons for reading it?

Easiest answer: Because I am going to be famous one day. Maybe not widely famous, internationally famous, or even nationally famous, but I will be famous. Never mind, the first part of that sentence is crap. I will be famous. Period. So read my work now, and feel proud that you stuck with a young, blossoming, undiscovered writer from the very beginning. Through thick and thin.

Okay maybe that was just a touch arrogant. Maybe. So if you want to ignore that first reason, try the next few on:

  1. I am snarky. I love snarkiness.
  2. I like apricots.
  3. I will write about nothing. Alexander McCall Smith once said, “I am successful, because I write about nothing and people can identify with that.” I heard him say it. It was awesome. So I plan to write about nothing.
  4. I watch movies while I write. This has to lead to some awesomeness.
  5. I have the cutest dogs. Seriously. One is blind, one is deaf, and the other is a panda.
  6. This blog is awesome.
  7. I am happy, but I know what it is to be unhappy. I am from a white-middle class family, but for the past 9 months I have lived at the poverty line. I am medium size, but I have been fat. I graduated from college, but I know what it is like to fail tests, beg for a place in a class, and have a low GPA. I am if not wholly well-rounded, I have my perspective, which is unique if for the only fact that it comes from me and no-one else.
  8. Because reading is awesome.

Need more reasons. Well keep reading, and maybe you will find them.


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