Rules for NaNoWriMo

I decided that I should lay some ground rules for Nanowrimo. Just a couple of goals and guidelines to get me through this much with as little damage to my work life, my personal life, and myself. Enjoy:

  1. I will write everyday, no matter how little.
  2. I will make sure to call Fusband every evening that we are a part (which is every week. We only get to see each other on weekends). We already miss each other a TON during the week. I don’t want my obsessive writing to make things any harder.
  3. I will give myself license not to shower everyday. I might shower a little too much as it is, so I see this as an opportunity for personal growth.
  4. I am allowed to wear headbands to work, to tame my unshowered hair (think Medusa). I usually try to steer clear from head bands because I find them to be a little unprofessional (have I mentioned that I have a weird sense of professionalism?).
  5. I will eat healthy. I will not fall back into the college habit of bingeing on ice cream and peanut butter and pickle sandwiches when I write. I used to feel that I couldn’t write unless I had a pint of Ben and Jerry’s in my hand. At least it is a slightly healthier habit than having to smoke a cigarette to be creative. Somehow that seems very attractive to me, but when I imagine myself smoking and writing I am suddenly very French, sexy, and wearing a berat. That is obviously a whole different story.
  6. I am allowed to be as crazy as I want to me as long as my work/blog/personal life doesn’t suffer.
  7. I will make sure to always have a notebook with me in case an idea strikes. Those are so few and far between, it would be a shame to waste them!
  8. I will always have a writing tool kit with me: Good Earth Original Tea Bags, Gum, notebook, favorite pen, and my blankie. You read that write. This is a big scary world of novel writing, which I am just starting to venture into, and I need all the comfort and support that I can get. So I will be writing with my baby blankie. Deal with it.

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