Processing Procrastination

I have to keep reminding myself that for me procrastination is all part of my writing process. I keep getting frustrated that I can’t hold myself to task. I find a million other things to do, like play Majong or make tea.

When I am deep in the moment of procrastination I forget that what I am doing is actually helping me. All I think about is the time that is ticking by and the lack of words being written. Well, at least that is all I think I am thinking about, when in reality there is a lot more going on.

When I am done procrastinating, I write, and I usually write a lot. Like last night, I spend a good two hours procrastinating. I couldn’t get anything down on paper, and when I did I hated it, so I played Majong. For two hours! It felt like torture, knowing I have a word count deadline and was making zero progress.

But then I stopped procrastinating. I was done, or I was finally ready to write and I busted out a solid 1200 words without blinking. Ok actually I blinked a lot because those 1200 words took me about 50 minutes.

I have to stop hating myself for procrastination, because there is obviously something going on there that even I can’t detect. I am mulling over something, somewhere in the folds of my mind.

Another mystery of the human mind. What else is going on in there that I do not know about?




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