Joe Queenan: My New Love

I found my twin while listening to public radio. This is both good and bad news, but before I explain the good and bad news I will give you a list of reason why we are twins:

  1. He is a prolific writer. I would like to be a prolific writer.
  2. He has a running list of all of the books he plans on reading. I do as well.
  3. He read as many as 250 books in a year once. His goal was to read 1 book everyday. I would love to take on that challenge.
  4. He averages reading 120 books every year. As do I.
  5. He refuses to read trash. I am refusing to read trash.
  6. He is snarky. I am snarky.
  7. He is dismayed by how little he will get to read in this life. Me too.
  8. Libraries make him sad because all the trash books are now mixed in with the good ones. They used to be set apart. I think this is also a travesty.

Now for the good news:

  1. This means that I am not alone in my reading eccentricities. There is someone out there just as insane as I am. This is comforting.
  2. I now know that it is okay to unapologetically call a book trash. Because there are trash books out there.
  3. He has freed me from feeling bad about what I think is trash. He called out Anita Shreve and called her work trash. Maybe this was a little harsh. I did read the Pilot’s Wife and though I thought it was rather typical, there were some writing elements in there that I felt were unique and important.
  4. If you send him your manuscript he will read it. Mainly because if he is going to read trash he wants to make sure that it is absolute utter trash. He doesn’t want to go only halfway. So if you send him your work, he will read it. He particularly enjoys self-published novels.

Now for the bad:

  1. He calls himself touched in the head. That can’t mean good things for me.
  2. He gave me license to be as judgemental about books as I want to me. I have never had a problem being judgemental. In fact, it is something that I need to not do as often.
  3. He makes me want to do crazy, inappropriate things like reading with utter, blissful abandonment. Like reading 1 book every day for a year. I am pretty sure Fusband would not like this, considering it would mean that I wouldn’t be working, or interacting with him, or anything that involves having a family.
  4. I found this review of him. It does not bode well for me:

Everyone should check him out, especially his new book. I have not read it yet, but if it is coming from this guy it has to be good. Here is the written NPR Joe Queenan:



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