Getting Started with Nanowrimo

Some of you might be wondering how Nanowrimo is going. Well, getting started was rough. The first day of writing was really hard. I went to work in the morning, tried to go to the gym, but my phone wouldn’t let me access Hulu, so how could I run without watching Grey’s Anatomy? Then I came home, had some dinner, unpacked my gym bag, showered, and got to work setting up my writing station in the kitchen.

I had my laptop, my tea, and emergency bag of unpopped popcorn by my side, my baby blankie, and a notebook. I then had to decide where I would write my novel: would it be a word doc? or should I try an online platform? what about Microsoft OneNote?

I naturally had to research my options, and then I had to write in each one a little bit to see if I liked the feel. Did creativity flow better in Should I stick with Word because it is what I know?

That took about 2 hours.

Then I had to play a good game of Majong. Or two.

Then I started writing. 1200 words the first night–a bit short of the mark. It was frustrating to go to bed knowing that I was already behind.

I am glad that I am being forced to write everyday. I like the challenge because it is a challenge, but it is frustrating to feel like everything I am writing is below par, but that I have to keep writing with deleting/editing if I am to have a chance of finishing.

I want to finish. If I am going to go through this much stress and frustration I want to have a manuscript in front of me at the end.


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