Nanowrimo, I hate you

I hate Nanowrimo. Hate.

Before you give me a lecture about how hate is something we need to work on quelling in the world, hear me out.

Reasons I hate Nanowrimo:

  1. You have to write every day. EVERYDAY. Or there is no way you can make it.
  2. You have to write even if what you are writing is crap. EVERYTHING IS CRAP.
  3. Nanowrimo makes me want to light my laptop on fire. Literally. This is not a cute use of figurative language. I. Want. To. Light. The. ******. On. Fire.
  4. I have become increasingly less social.
  5. I have resumed some bad habits. Some of which may or may not involve: tequila, OCD behavior, lack of showering, eating pounds of popcorn a day, using wild-rabid animals as a towel each morning, tobacco–I live to mix it with lotion and use it as a face mask. The burning feels good, drinking salsa, and sun tanning in the dark.
  6. I am not sure I am writing in English anymore. I am not sure I would know if I wasn’t.
  7. I don’t sleep well. In fact I don’t think I have slept in days. If I am not writing, I am thinking about writing, and I can’t turn my brain off, and all I want is a little sleep, but my mind keeps talking and talking, and it won’t stop, none of it stops, all the writing, and the thinking, and the writing.
  8. I have gained weight, which is just mean. Nanowrimo has full control of my mind, but the waistline too? That is going to far.

See why I should be allowed to hate Nanowrimo? SEE?


2 thoughts on “Nanowrimo, I hate you

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