A Snowy Clean State

I woke up this morning, and looking out my window, everything had been covered in a thin film of pearly white snow. It felt good to see white everywhere. Even though I am now in a windowless cubicle as I write this, I can still feel the traces of the soft, white happiness that snow seems to instill in me.

I feel like I have a clean slate. I can work without feeling begrudging, I can be awake without wanting to sleep, and I can write–slipping into the emotional pits where writing comes from, without being overwhelmed. Confused. Lost. Angry. Snow can be a nice buffer.

As a writer and a blogger I feel called to write when things like the recent shootings happen. But I have a hard time entering in the dialogue because I am not sure I want to be a part of it. Facebook is awash with peoples grief and sadness, but there are also plenty of opinions and I find too many of them disturbing. Too many of them I find ignorant, insensitive, hurtful, ethnocentric. Two examples:

1. “In my dictionary victim is synonymous with naive.”  But a victim is a victim, and not every victim is naive. 

2. “If there had been prayer in our schools, this would never have happened.” While we as a society do need to work on nurturing the soul, providing spiritual outlets, and making sure mental health is a priority–prayer is not a catch all, be all, save all. No pun intended. The problem is deeper and more complex. There isn’t just one solution. 

3. “I support our constitutional and God given right to bear arms. Self defense defines itself, every able and consciously capable man or women should exercise their rights and defend themselves.” Our right to defend ourselves ends as soon as we encroach on the rights of others. Sure carry a gun, but as soon as you hurt someone with it, regardless of their motive towards you, you have violated basic human rights. Lets all have a little Gandhi in our lives. Go ahead. Call me naive. 

I was so glad to see the snow this morning. It helped me walk back from my anger at seemingly senseless comments. It helped me come back to myself and realize that debates like these–debates on Facebook, are not where I am choosing to spend my time. Nor do I want to waste my passion. Getting all wrapped up in anger over something someone said detracts from the issue and only makes me feel horrible.

So here is to the snow and may it help to bring everyone back to themselves.




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