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Expiration Date

I almost dropped the half-gallon carton of milk yesterday, when I pulled it off of the shelf in Winco and saw the expiration date: June 3, 2013. My wedding date is June 8, and it just seems wrong that I am now able to buy milk that will expire five days before my wedding. Fusband will be buying the milk from now on I think.

Where is time going?

Out the window?

Because it is certainly not sticking around here. I bet time yells, “adios!” as he takes a great leap out of my life. Jerk. It’s not that I have any anxiety whatsoever about getting married. It’s that it is such a large milestone and I think I am watching it sail by–at break-neck speeds. It’s that once again it has been too long since my last post. I didn’t even notice that a couple of weeks had passes, until I sat down to write.

I hear things just get faster as you get older. I am not sure I can handle much faster. I guess I am going to have to learn to slow myself down. To put on the brakes every so gently, so I can look around and notice things. Give myself a chance to catch my breath. Maybe that will be my new mantra: slow, slow, slow. I will repeat it under my breath all the time, enough so people near me will think I can crazy.

I am not sure I would want to be thought of as anything else.


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