I miss my yoga studio in Tacoma: Samdhana-Karana Yoga Studio. It is one of the few non-profit yoga centers in America, and though I may be a little biased, I have to say they have some of the best teachers. I am thinking of one in particular: Pamela. I have tried to call her Pam in my head before, but the nickname doesn’t work for me. Every class with her is a journey. I haven’t really felt anything like it since–every time I step on a mat I miss her. She had the uncanny ability of empathy–she could step into a room and easily asses the mood of each individual in the class and from there she would decide which direction to take that night’s practice.

Teachers like that are one in a million. I have never been more in-tune with myself, then in a practice with her.

So I have decided to take a Yoga Teacher Training course and get my certification. My future in-laws are going to be excited. Fusband grew up in an intentional community, centered on meditation and yoga. He has since left the community, and when his mother met me she joked that despite his best efforts he ended up with an Ananda (the name of the community) girl anyway. To some extent that is true. It probably become more true as I get older. I have a tendency to get more leftist and hippy as time goes on.

I think coupling writing with a yoga practice would make for a good life balance. I doubt I will ever make a ton of money at either, but at least I will be contributing to the household monetarily–if only a little bit. Besides a good work/life balance, I am hoping that training will give me a little more independence. Right now, I rely solely on the instructor to bring me through a practice. This means that the depth at which I am able to go within myself, is limited to how adept the instructor is. If the instructor has only been taught the poses, without any internal pose then I am left to my own devices–for many it just becomes exercise at that point without the benefits of internal reflection. But when I am with an instructor like Pamela, who has spent years studying and going deeper into her own craft, then I get the guidance I need.

It is all about education and having the tools I need in order to guide myself. Not that you ever lose the need for a guide. There will always be a place for someone in my life who has more experience. Someone who can push me to go deeper. Someone who can teach me something new. But independence would also be good. The ability to lead myself down a path, to create my own practice, fusing the internal and external reflection of a pose.

Anyway this is a ways off. I have a lot on my plate now, and financially yoga certification is going to have to wait a bit. Currently we have some big-ticket items. Besides the wedding, we are trying to save some money for a house down-payment, which is very hard to do when one is spending money on things like weddings and honeymoons. Or coffee.



4 thoughts on “Yoga

  1. Vicki Mc says:

    This is awesome! I’m so excited for you! I keep thinking about doing the instructor training, but the problem is finding a place fairly close to complete the training that doesn’t necessitate a border crossing each time there is a class.

    • There also seems to be a wide range as to what is offered in classes, which can be a little daunting when researching. A border crossing would test my dedication that’s for sure.

      • Vicki Mc says:

        True, very true. Wish I could do them all – though when I’m in shape – as opposed to the round shape I’m currently in 🙂 I love a good power class. We definitely don’t have enough teachers who do a good vinyassa flow. Right now a gentle hatha is all I can handle.

        Ideally, I’d love to do one of the programs in a tropical place – not getting that one past my husband though!

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