It’s an odd kind of healing, he thinks, that makes both wound and man vanish.

This is a quote I pulled from Peter Ho Davies’ The Welsh Girl, which I am close to finishing. I have been on a holocaust kick recently. This is my third book in a row on the subject, and while I know the subject is depressing, I kind of need depressing books every now and then. Anyway, this line stuck with me. 

I had to read it over and over again, each time finishing the sentence and feeling like it wasn’t enough and starting over. I think the quote is a perfect example of what is missing from my own novel – internal commentary from my main character that is introspective; something more than her simply moving from on task to another, one event to the next. I have the line scrawled across my white board now. I am hoping it will remind me to dig deeper while I am writing. 

I think I wrote my novel, at least the first draft, too fast to really delve into my character. All I really have now is a plot line without any substance. Unfortunately, there is a mounting list of elements that are missing that I have to keep in mind while I go back through, but I have created a tool to help me.

I have started keeping a running list on my white board of everything I need to keep in mind while writing. The list is titled K.I.M (Keep In Mind). This way I can whine about how bitchy Kim is, how demanding she is, and the pressure is suddenly off of me. Kim is like a strict schoolmarm, standing over me with a steady glare and a ready hand with the ruler. I find her motivating, without having to get frustrated with myself.

Thank God for imagination. 

Good writing everybody…


It’s an odd kin…


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