Running Mad

I have a new motto:

“Run mad as often as you choose; but do not Faint”

Taken from Jane Austin’s Love and Friendship.  I want to write mad as often as I choose. I want it to be a free-for-all of words. I want to slap down every crazy thought, every crazy analogy and word that comes to me. I want to use words like pitch, scruple, rancor, fit. I want to kiss knights and us body armor for protection.

Passion, anger, hilarity, wild abandon.


Hypnotic abandon.

Swirls of crazy jotted down on paper. A crazy swagger. People will read and ask: huh??

I want sunflowers of ideas sprouting all over my pages, a wild thicket. Impenetrable. Incomprehensible.  I want to be salacious, lewd, and insatiable. I want to use m-dashes wildly; semicolons with lust. (Correctly).

I want to take that turn–either by page or by phrase. I want my book to spin heads, to be full–brimming.

What is tame? What is caged? What is fear or repression?

The questions are: Why not? Who cares?

The answers are: Because and it doesn’t matter.

I am NOT my censor.

I will use BAD words and not apologize. Talk about the taboo and not flinch. Glory in the uncomfortable.

Blizzards of words. There will be a white-out. And I will tattoo it on my brain that I do love this. All of it: good days, bad days, both days, sentence days, paragraph days, and chapter days.



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