A Short Update

This will just be a quickie. I have made a change to the page titled 2013 Reading Quest. This list was originally a way to keep track of the books that I read and when I read them. I am very nerdy and love the idea of having a record of what I read every month of every year. But I was at a social event this past weekend and I friend of mine flattered me immensely when she told me she followed my blog, but that she liked to read books off of my book list. I like to think that I have a discerning eye when it comes to literature, that I have good taste, and that I can tell when a book is truly spectacular.

But that page wasn’t created as a tribute to great literature–just merely to keep track of what I read. EVERYTHING I read. So I now put a couple words after each title, saying how I felt about the book. Things like “Amazing,” “Read now,” or “Burn First.” If I am reading a book for myself, and it turns out to be trash, I usually wont finish it. I do not believe in wasting my precious reading time. But some of these books I have to read for the Portland Book Review. I don’t really have a choice and some of them are not great–that is putting it politely.

I would feel awful if anyone spent money on a book that I hated reading. Because the ones I hate reading aren’t just boring to me personally. As a reviewer we are supposed to be objective. If the subject doesn’t interest me that doesn’t mean the book does not have value. If I hate these books it is because the are poorly written, hastily crafted, and they make me want to bang my head against the wall.

And I feel awful that I feel this way, because hopefully somewhere in the future someone will read and review my books. I don’t want that future reader to feel the way I feel about some of these books, and I feel like it is bad karma to write a less than glowing review for these books that shouldn’t be published yet (or ever). But that is my cross to bear.

So for those of you who keep track of what I read in order to inform your own reading choices, now hopefully you will be spared some of the pain I have read through. There are some truly amazing books on that list. Books that are powerful, well written, full of soul. Books I dream of writing. Authors who I wish I could study at their feet–worship even.

As always it means the world to me that even one person finds my opinion helpful. Thanks for staying tuned.


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