Stuck Again

I am constantly amazed at the things I fixate on. Today it is headphones, but I should back up a bit first. See I made it to the Cafe that I write in for the second day in a row (this NEVER happens), but I am here and all set up and it has taken me two hours to get down to writing. I got myself my usual London Fog and chocolate chip cookie. I chatted with the bestie for a bit, while I halfheartedly did some blog reading. I got everything set up the way I like it: my kindle plugged in, my favorite playlist on repeat, my stack of writing materials that is a physical manifestation of my to-do list. I have all the websites I will need up and running: a timer, my spreadsheet to log my hours, my blog, Yarny (where I keep my novel), and email. I have been ready to go for a while now.

But then I realized that wearing the ear buds that I have, as much as I have been, hurt my ears and I really need a new pair of headphones. So I researched which ones I want and since we are on a budget I sent the link to my brother, hinting towards a Christmas or birthday present.

Problem solved?

Unfortunately not, because how on earth can I write when I do not have these new headphones? They are necessary. Now. I have decided so. They are noise canceling, which would be perfect at the café. So then I can be around other people without having to listen to them. They would be over the ear, instead of in the ear, and that would make all the difference. So obviously I can’t write until I get them. Because writing with them will be so much better than right now.

So I will see you all in January?? No?? Uggg

I guess I have to move on without them. There is no boss I can go to and explain that I need these new headphones in order to do my job, so please buy them for me. I am that boss (shudder) and I am unfortunately frugal. But having gotten over the headphones long enough to write these 375 words (so far) I have to wonder what will be next?

Maybe socks? Comfortable feet are important to writing. Maybe my desk chair. I sure do need a new one, even though I have done most of my writing at the café and in their chairs. I have been hung up on the perfect pen running out of ink, and needing the right pair of underwear (maybe you shouldn’t ask). I have had to cut my fingernails first. Organization gets in my way frequently. I need my stack of materials in the right order and in the right corner of the table. My phone and pens need to be on the right of my computer, while my reading list (the ever-present stack of books that I am working through) needs to be on my left and slightly behind my computer. My tea needs to be on the left.

How do I ever get anything done?!


4 thoughts on “Stuck Again

  1. Thad says:

    Hilarious! You sound like Ana + knitting. I’m currently working on a new challenge…knit on the go, whenever, wherever, even if I don’t have the right supplies or if small hands end up undoing all my work. No more planning, shopping for new patterns, projects or supplies until I get my currently, overdue projects completed. That means I can’t buy more new yarn!!!!!! That’s like asking me to hold my breath until I finish what I need to finish. We’ll see how long this will work. I can’t wait to read your next blog. Don’t make me hold my breath. =)

    • I have started making similar rules. I have to finish something before getting something new. This goes for shampoo, or yarn, or baking supplies. It can be quite horrible to be responsible 🙂

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