Nanowrimo Day 2

Yesterday went well. I am a fairly prolific writer, so making the word count of the day isn’t the hardest thing in the world. At least when I put my mind to it. My problem has always been taking too many breaks while writing. Yesterday in the middle of paragraph four, I found a farm share that Husband and I can join in order to secure our daily ration of raw milk. We are addicted. Then between paragraphs seven and eight I spent a considerable amount of time researching platforms to replace Googlereader. I finally found a blog reader called bloglovin’ that allows me to add all of the blogs (and I mean ALL) that I follow. They even have an iPhone app, which is pretty sweet.

But see what I mean. I think it took me about an hour and a half longer than it should have to get my work count in. Now some of that time wasn’t wasted. I believe in constructive procrastination, but not all of it was necessary to move the writing along. Anyway, today I am going to try to cut down on the procrastination time. It really does help that I have a baby I get to snuggle when I am done with all of this.

I am amazed at how stories take shape. You start with NOTHING. I had been bouncing a couple ideas around in my head for Nanowrimo, but when I finally got down to it yesterday, this story came out of me that had nothing to do with anything that I had been thinking about. It is magical. I am constantly amazed at the worlds inside of me. I don’t even know the exist until I get the pen to paper, and even then they continue to shock me. I used to think that you had to hoard the good ideas, because it’s possible to run out.

This is one of the marvelous lessons of Nanowrimo–it is so IMPOSSIBLE to run out of ideas. You would have to be dead, and then your consciousness would probably still go on having ideas. You look at all the prolific writers in the world – André Norton, Steven King, Louis Erdrich, Hemingway. If I could only take their word for the fact that I won’t run out of ideas.

So onto day 2. I really am liking this blogging before I get down to Nanowrimo. I think it helps me focus and acts like a warm up. I can’t promise that this will happen everyday, but I am thinking this is a pretty handy habit to cultivate.

See you tomorrow folks!


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