Nano Day 5

I don’t really want to talk about writing today or how Nanowrimo is going. Nano is going well, I am meeting my word goals everyday and I am on track to finish on time, but it is only day 5 and who knows what will happen between now and the end. But that is all I want to say about that, and since I need to get onto my Nano writing I think this will be a short post–probably about inconsequential nothings.

Like the fact that I haven’t eaten meat in a couple weeks and I do not miss it at all. My in-laws are probably doing a happy dance, as they are all vegetarians. Since I am staying with my sister-in-law (Gita) for another couple of weeks it will be a complete month without meat (minus that one dish at that one Thai restaurant, but that hardly counts). I thought at least I would feel fatigued, but I seem to be getting all of the nutrients I need.

Also I am now addicted to Boggle. I had never played before when Gita pulled it out and a group of five of us played. I did not want to stop, and I wanted to WIN. I haven’t felt like that with almost any game I play. I have played Settlers of Catan for years and maybe about once a year or so I get a bug up my bum to win, but that is it. It is a completely different story with Boggle. Husband stayed up with me a little bit later then everyone else and played another couple of rounds. What a good man.

What else?

Baby Tulsi seems to be growing before my eyes. Everyday she seems a little bigger and definitely stronger. I am loving being around a baby so much. She sleeps almost all of the time, but for now that is alright with me. She can sleep on me as much as she wants. We will be back for another visit in December. It will be so much fun to see how she has changed. She will be a whole new…thing!

I suppose that is it for today. I am off to write a novel. Ciao!


2 thoughts on “Nano Day 5

  1. Thad says:

    I’m glad things are working out for you. I’ve never tried being vegetarian for over a week since most of the time I start passing out. Recently even just one vegetarian meal feels like a slow death. I also get grouchy and very hungry. Not good. We might be doing it all wrong. Can you post pics of your food?

    Sleeping babies are the best. Mine only did that their first week. LOL.

    We’ll think of you in December.

    • These vegetarians have it down and they have a really balanced diet. They drink raw milk which is amazing and has great proteins. A lot of cheese and tempeh (which is a much yummier option then tofu), whole wheat pastas have more protein and you can also buy high protein pastas. Eating a bunch of different legumes and nuts is good as well quinoa which has a ton of protein. They do a lot of dahls, lentils, and hummus. Eggs are awesome. Is any of this helping? One thing I had found here that has really made me feel great is morning smoothies with what is called superfood plus by dr. Shulzse. It is basically a powder that you add to a fruit/veg smoothie that replaces a multivitamin. I have a really hard time taking multivitamins because they make me nauseated, but this is an awesome way of getting everything you need.

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