It has been a long time

But I am not dead. I swear. I have been working on a couple of different things. I have started volunteering with a local Search and Rescue team (which takes up a LOT of time with training and searches), I have taken on a new Hospice patient, I have taken on a new role with the Portland Book Review (even though it hasn’t started yet), and I have started the process of branding myself as a writer. At some point in the next year you should see the fruits of that labor but I am not making any promises yet. It is way to early to make promises.

Plus there were the holidays, which aren’t done yet.

Anyway, I have decided to make a couple of changes to how I am approaching blogging. Husband and I have created a private blog that we are going to be working on together. It is a place for him to kind of keep a journal, it is a place for me to try out ideas and draft posts for this blog (because let’s be real, half the time I am using this blog as a journal anyway) and it is a way for both of us to collaborate and share ideas. This is especially important on my part as I am better at being open in writing and there is a lot that goes on inside of me that I don’t share with anyone vocally, but I would like to especially share with my spouse in someway.

I think that the only effect that all will have on this blog is that my blog posts will be slightly fewer and there will be more time in between posts–that is when I am actually blogging regularly. We all know how great I am at that. But my hope is that the things that get posted here will be more polished and well-thought out. How about getting rid of all those grammar and spelling errors I am so good at. Especially as I try to build a professional writing presence.

I just wanted to let you all know that I am still here. I am still writing. I took a break for a while, and then I was working on somethings behind the scenes. I am hoping to have another post for you within the next week, or at least the next two weeks at the most. It is the initial post to enter into the new blog “pipeline,” so it has been turned over to my collaborator for suggestions and then I will work on it some more and get it up here. But again why make promises I can’t/won’t keep?

Thank you to everyone who has stuck with me and reads what I lay down. I really appreciate your attention and your support. One of my main goals this coming year is to make this a more reliable, consistent experience. Only because I love you all and I want you to read as much of my writing as you can stomach and then some.

Happy New Year Everybody!!


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