Back Home and Busy

I spent a good chunk of yesterday trying to figure out what the hell I wanted to write for a new blog post. I could not even string a couple words together without rolling my eyes and manically hitting that delete button. I swear that will be the first thing I have to replace on this keyboard. BUT last night on a whim I went back and reread my last couple of posts, and not to be a person propped up by ego or anything, but I actually liked what I had written.

Go Figure.

Not that my last posts were any great grammatically perfect feats of prose, but I felt like I wasn’t boring either and that was nice. More than nice—nice to the point where I was inspired to write maybe a little bit more.

So with my mojo back, I feel free to go ahead and write about anything and most likely probably nothing. Now I can go ahead and tell you dear reader that I just got back from a month long hiatus in middle-of-nowhere California. Reason numero uno that I have not been as present, or present at all, on the blog. I got to spend some wonderful time with my wonderful in-laws and my completely delectable niece. I also got Yoga Teacher Training Certification while I was away, so while I missed home, and Husband, and our dogs, and our routine it was a great—if exhausting—month away.

I got home a week ago and Husband and I hit the ground running looking for a house to buy. I think we looked at seven houses over the course of seven days, and low and behold we put our first offer on one of the houses last night. Our realtor says it is a very strong offer, but I have no idea how this all works, and honestly I have always been a bit of a pessimist, so until keys are in hand I honestly can’t let myself get too excited about the house. Even IF it would be absolutely perfect for us. Nope. No excitement.

Husband leaves this week for a big conference in San Francisco for his company. I will fly down to join him for one day as some of his family from Europe will be in town and since we won’t be getting out to that neck of the woods anytime soon, we felt it was important to get down there to see them.

I guess the point of telling you all of this is basically to say that life is crazy and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down at any near point in the future. It does make me a little tired to think about it all. I long for winter, which I haven’t felt anything close to longing for a Pacific Northwest winter since EVER. I tend to get depressed a little with the rain, but we have been so busy a little winter depression sounds good. Or rather I feel like hibernating, which is probably a better way of saying it.

Anyway, we keep plugging ahead. We will find out about the house soon enough. Then either we keep looking, or we suddenly enter into the whole new world of homeownership. Wish us luck!


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