My New Year’s Resolution

I am not big resolution maker. I have dieted, tried to be a nicer person, made lists of yearly goals. But I haven’t made any serious resolutions in the past couple of years, or rather I haven’t been very serious about any of the resolutions I have made. This year is different–completely different, because not only did I make a resolution I am interested in keeping, but one I am preternaturally disposed to keeping.

My resolution is to read more. To be specific my resolution is to read this bookshelf:


I know all about making goals–you know they should be reasonable, quantifiable…SMART. I don’t remember every letter of that anagram, but you know goals should be SMART. This goal is definitely SMART. Minus the fact that this resolution is completely unattainable, because that bookshelf holds 290 books. I once heard an author talk about how he spend a year reading one book a day, everyday. He must have done nothing else, or he was reading children’s books. The author was either Joe Queenan or Pat Conroy; I cannot remember.

Now my resolution would break down to 9 books a month–give or take. Now I know Husband supports all of my endeavors, but he might begin to feel a little neglected if all I did was read all the time. So instead of reading 290 books in 2015, I am going to try to read as many as I can. I have even made a couple of rules:

  1. No rereads. I love rereading books. Hence the two bookshelves in our house: one for all the books I own that I have not read and one for all the books that I love and continually reread. But I have a lot of books to get through and no time to dilly-dally.
  2. I cannot add to the bookshelf. UNLESS someone gives me a book, but I cannot buy any books or go to the library. Now there is one addendum to this and that is I still get to spend the two gift certificates for books that I got for Christmas and my birthday. The gift certificates are only good at bookstores after all.

As of today (1/28/2015) I have already read 12 books on the shelf, so as of today I am already behind, but considering I was completely ignoring that bookshelf before I made the resolution and now it is 12 books lighter I am going to call that a success.

Happy New Year (a month late)!


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