The Worst Books of 2014

Here is the sister post to The Best Books of 2014. I am sure that these are not the WORST books EVER to be read in 2014, but they were at the bottom of the heap of books I read last year. I hate writing bad reviews, but sometimes there is just no way around it. Sometimes the book has the wrong audience and sometimes the book is just bad–sometimes it is a bit of both. Thankfully the list is very short, otherwise it would have been a rough year of reading.

I am a huge James Bond fan–at least the movies. I have loved all the James Bond men, including Pierce Brosnan, but especially Daniel Craig. Who doesn’t love Daniel Craig? I had assumed that my love for the movies would easily translate into a love for the books. Boy was I wrong. This is the only James Bond novel I have read. It was the first and it will be the last. The book was packed with action, which was fun, but the book was so sexist it was a little hard to stomach. The movies tone it down a bit and package it with Daniel Craig. The movies–especially the newer ones have a bit more depth. The books on the other hand were written by a man, for men. The women are all blond and helpless, and even when there is a competent broad in the book James spends all of his either lusting after her, or worrying that she cannot handle herself. I don’t need to read the rest of the books to know that I am not really missing anything special. I will stick to the movies.

Having read the Pregnancy book by Sears, this one was a little harder to swallow. It has a ton of great information, but I feel like it does not go as in-depth into some of the biology of what is going on during pregnancy as it could have. This book is perfect for the western medicine woman who is willing to take everything at face value. I like to educate myself instead of just being told how things are. I like to understand the why and how of things, and this book does not offer a ton in the way of education.

I was assigned to read this book for the Portland Book Review. It wasn’t bad’ it just wasn’t great. The plot is somewhat interesting, but the characters feel a little bland, and the writing holds you at a distance. To be honest, this feels like the authors first attempt–not the finished product. Here is the link to my full review over at the Portland Book Review, if you would like more information.

I usually love me some David Sedaris. I find him funny, very entertaining, and witty, but I just could not get into this one. All of the stories are a little harsh, non of the characters are very complicated, often displaying one or two faults that will end up driving the story into a negative place where I suppose we can all learn a lesson. For those who have not read it, this is a compilation of short stories about different animals. I remember truly enjoying one of the short stories and the rest I sort of cringed through.

And that is the list! I told you it would be short, though not sweet as nothing I wrote was really complimentary of any of these books. I know it shows, but I enjoyed writing the Best Books of 2014 a lot more than this post. I would rather gush about a book then feel the need to say something critical.


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