Life Lately

Sorry this post will not have any photos. My phone is currently being repaired for a cracked screen, which was never supposed to be able to crack in the first place, but that is a while different story. Anyway I am using an old one of Husbands, which is a pathetic excuse for a technological device of any kind. I can’t download any apps on the phone if I want it to work, and taking photos is a very hit or miss venture. I am not even going to attempt to get the few photos I have taken off of the phone. I am not suicidal.

I also have no plan for this post, which I know is a blogging no-no, but I don’t really care. The Life Lately title is just vague enough I can write about anything and everything I want, and since I have caffeine thrumming through my system, I think I will just flit from topic to topic.

Non-sequitur style.

I have been having an AMAZING week. I cleaned our whole house, top to bottom, nook and cranny on Monday, AND I have managed to keep it clean since (that’s five days folks). We have had people over for dinner. I had a gaggle of women and their babies in my living room for a couple of hours, and after all of that our house is still clean.

I must be dreaming.

I have never felt more accomplished in my life. Not when I graduated from college, not when I biked across the country (4,000 miles!), not when I got my yoga teacher training certification. Keeping a clean house, while taking care of an infant is a whole new level of accomplishment. I am reveling in it, rolling around like a hog in mud because I know that tomorrow everything could explode.

But I also did other things this week I am proud of: I taught yoga for an hour and it was the best class I have taught yet. Granted the only person in the class was my mother, but I created an hour long class on the fly and it had flow. FLOW. I haven’t taught with anything resembling flow before, up till now I have sort of been stuttering everyone through the poses as I try to think of flow.

I have put away all of the laundry. Which I think means I get some award…as keeping up with laundry is at least a part-time gig around here. I haven’t had to tell Husband to go did through the clean clothes for some requisit article, as it has all been folded on time. Miracles of Miracles. If I don’t stay on top of laundry it will take my a full two or three days to catch up. Calla is so tiny and yet SO messy, even though she isn’t eating solids yet, she doesn’t spit up that much, and we haven’t had a poop explosion in a week or two.

I just jinxed myself didn’t I?

The next thing to be proud of is Calla put herself to sleep last night. We were having some squirming struggles as we were winding down for bed, and after about 20 minutes of uncomfortable nursing (it is hard to nurse when she is fidgety), I decided to put her in her crib for sanity’s sake. I was beginning to feel rather uncharitable (to put it kindly) towards her, as it was already midnight and I wanted sleep, she wanted sleep, but she didn’t want to lie still. But I laid her town in her crib, for the first time ever, and SHE FELL ASLEEP.My three month old put herself to sleep. So I guess I can’t really be proud, as it really had nothing to do with me, but I am in awe. I am not sure I will be able to replicate this, but even one night of it was pretty magical. I then wasted about an hour of sleep as I couldn’t stop wondering if she was going to wake up. I had such a hard time believing she had put herself to sleep, that I got out of bed at one point to make sure she was indeed asleep and hadn’t passed away instead.

Since this post seems to have turned into one big bragfest, I have to say things with Husband are pretty sweet as well. We just had our second wedding anniversary. We took Calla camping (or rather yurting) for the first time to celebrate, and it was wonderful. We only went for one night, which was no where near enough time, but it was good to get out to the beach for even that short amount of time. Calla was oblivious to anything but sleeping, eating, and playing, but someday she will come to appreciate the beach and camping. I have been meaning to write a “second anniversary post” for a while, so maybe I will save all my gushy, mushy feelings for that one. Suffice it to say it is amazing to watch Husband with Calla. He is so in tune with her–I could watch them play together forever.

Anyway I should wrap this up. If you were worried with all this gloating I have been doing, don’t worry. I have it coming to me. Next week we will be flying (with Calla) to Chicago, then driving four hours to rural Indiana for a wedding, then driving the four hours back to Chicago to get on a plane to New York, then driving four hours to my Grandmother’s house, visiting with all of my mother’s family before driving four hours back to the airport to catch a plane home.

So no need to be worried, I will be putting in my dues…

Wish me luck!


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