Sometimes I post crappy writing. This blog is about having a daily writing practice, and sometimes (we will not discuss how often) that daily practice produces work that is drivel–to put it mildly. BUT I do not want my reader’s to be discouraged. There is some good work in there. Below is a list of my favorite posts so far, and so I am not completely narcissistic I have added another section: My favorite Blogs. I would also at some point like to add a section of my favorite blog posts from other bloggers, but that might take a while.

1. My Favorite Posts (mine)

Little Bo Peep Has Lost Her Sheep

Pat Conroy

The Tortured Writer

Scared Gradless

Yogic Cherry Life Savers

An Artists Manifesto

2. My Favorite Blogs

These are the blogs that I read most frequently and that I usually always find something that I love in them.

Creative Liar

Creative Liar is fun and spunky, but she brings a gravity to her work when she talks about how she struggles with anxiety and depression. A lot of the more serious things she says hit close to home, and I admire how she is making her writing career happen.

Travels with the Blonde Coyote

Blonde Coyote lives a life that some part of me is jealous of. She is a modern-day nomad, house sitting throughout the country as she writes. The different houses that she has lived in are amazing: from a Earthship in the middle of the desert to a small cabin in the middle of no where she has lived everywhere!


Is the odd man out. I apparently am attracted to female bloggers, but this guy got through. In his own words, he is an “ordinary fellow” living in British Colombia. Like a lot of the blogs I follow and like he has a good sense of humor.

Brunch for Every Meal

If I ever want to read something snarky about current pop-culture I turn to Brunch for every Meal. She never lets me down.

Week Woman

Yay Feminism! Need I say more?


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